Hope Project

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Hope Project is a joint venture by EAVIC and Hope for the Blind and Handicapped Association with a long term vision of empowering the blind in Ethiopia by making them self sufficient via employment opportunities. In recent years, Hope Project has been able to reach more than 100 visually impaired individuals through its training and rehabilitation program. The project successfully offers vocational training in brush, mop making and carpet making. These finished goods are sold in the local markets, and the profits work as salaries for the visually impaired individuals.

In Ethiopia, the visually impaired are the most neglected segment of the population since the general population has a very negative attitude towards the blind. There are insufficient government or non-government institutions in Ethiopia which provide any training or rehabilitation service for the blind. It has also been determined that unemployment rate among the visually impaired accounts for more than 98% due to lack of education and vocational skill training. Most of the visually challenged individuals are forced to beg on the streets or become a burden on their families. Even though the number of visually challenged individuals has been increasing in the city of Addis Ababa due to high immigration rates, there has been no initiative taken by the government or philanthropists to bring the situation under control.



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