Mushroom Plant Project

Mushroom Plant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Employs over 50 beneficiaries over a 6 month period!



EAVIC established a Mushroom plant in early 2013 in Addis Ababa in order to continue its efforts of empowering the blind via employment opportunities. The project kicked off in mid 2012 with an outreach program in Ethiopia.  After months of thorough research, EAVIC was successful in making a winning business plan which aligned with its long term strategy.  EAVIC started the construction of the plant and simultaneous training program in early 2013. Currently the project in its implementation stages. Please continue to check back for more details and updates on the project.

Project Stages

  1. Outreach and Research – Reaching out to the visually impaired community in various remote areas of Ethiopia. Creating an initial list of potential beneficiaries and developing a strategic business plan based on the interests/abilities of the beneficiaries and market demands .
  2. Fundraising – Launching a successful fundraising campaign based on an initial cost estimate to launch and sustain the project.
  3. Training and Construction – Hiring subject matter experts to train the beneficiaries and oversee the mushroom production. Constructing the plant infrastructure and purchasing raw materials from local partners.
  4. Mushroom Production – Beneficiaries work at the site and facilitate mushroom production with the help of subject matter experts.
  5. Mushroom Sale – Establishing partnerships with local wholesalers and selling the mushrooms produced.
  6. Training to incoming batch of beneficiaries – Imparting training from the outgoing batch of beneficiaries to incoming batch.
  7. Entrepreneurship program – Providing some seed money to the experienced and outgoing batch of beneficiaries to start their own mushroom plants near their home. Providing strategy and operational guidance to the beneficiaries on their plant installation, production and go-to market strategy.


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