EAVIC’s consumer store is stocked with a variety of products that provide practical solutions for adapting to life with vision loss. These items are especially meant to assist the blind and low vision people in East Africa. We would highly encourage you to purchase items for donations to the visually impaired in East Africa.

  • Canes
  • Talking calculators
  • Talking watches and clocks
  • Large print calendars and address books
  • “Bump dots”, used to mark keys on a computer keyboard or the on/off buttons to household appliances like ovens, televisions and furnace thermostats
  • Magnifiers for reading small print
  • A talking digital kitchen timer that counts up or down
  • Bold-line pads of paper and easy-to-ready 20/20 felt tip pens
  • Games and large print deck of cards
  • Talking digital kitchen timer that counts up or down and other kitchen aids
  • Medical aids
  • Pen Friend Voice Audio Labeler System
  • iBill Talking Banknote Money Identifier

We encourage you to purchase these items via our contact form or write to us at donate@eavic.org.